“AB,” and The Awesome Blogger Award

Please help me give a great big shout out to “AB,” who has nominated me together with 89 other fellow bloggers for his, “Thank You, Awesome Blogger Award.”

“AB,” as he is known, created this award on his very own.  He will choose to give it to some lucky blogger in this viral world of words and phrases once unknown.  I have little knowledge of, “Blog Awards.”  Like most writers, I do not write my blog in the hopes of winning an award. However, I am truly grateful and flattered.

Most writers write because they have a passion for it.  If others are like me, they live and dream words in their head.  I love this blog of mine because it poses no limits.  Instead, my imagination is somewhat free to run away with it.

There is a “theme” to my blog, containing true facts of my life: past, present and future.  Some days I tend to race off a winding path like a bicycle that’s lost its back wheel.  Yet, to the side you may discover a message hidden beneath a colorful tree.  There it is, next to the “lesson” I’ve learned!  At times, I point it out.  More often it is subtle, letting my readers figure it out.

It is my understanding that AB, based his nominations on the many writings he enjoyed reading.  The only thing he asked of us was to include our favorite post on his web page with a link, so others could read it as well.  This was not an easy task for me.  Posts are like little children to writers.   How to choose just one?  Don’t we love them equally?

Finally, I decided on, “Writing Stars,” http://wp.me/p41md8-11W.  In part because of the special program offered to the lovely young girl who touched my heart.  Because of it, communities will thrive while families may survive.  http://tgimdigitalpublishing.wordpress.com/

A Bozdar, or “AB,” is a kind and sensitive soul.   He has a beautiful blog himself, entitled, “Perspectives on Life, Universe and Everything.”  Although I do not know him well, I sense he is a true humanitarian.  I’m not saying this to win his “award.”  Decide for yourself, if you will.  He is a lover of many countries, travel, and photography.  A man who writes words of gentle poetry, gathers children by his side and lives life to the fullest.  This is only a small peek at, AB, you see.

In closing, I’d like to thank AB, for his most generous nomination.  I can’t imagine the time he took to read everyone’s blogs, or the unique sense of creativity he must have had to think of such an “Award.”  Kudos to you, AB!

To all of the other writing nominees, I sincerely wish for you my good luck, success and happiness.


AB'a Moon

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