A Cabinet Full of Heart

Today I wish for each of you to have a dream come true.

Yesterday morning a sizable truck with orange letters on both sides pulled up to the front of my house.   While I was working at my half-moon desk, I heard the sound of the snow go, “Crunch.”  It was deeper this time, telling me this could be the moment I had been waiting for.  I jumped to see.  From behind our leaded glass door, my heart filled with glee.

Early in January, I walked through my mother’s Arizona house for the very last time.  She had passed away over three years before.  The shell of her house felt hallow and empty, with nothing there except for pieces of furniture  waiting for new homes.  Roaming from room to room, I took each step remembering the days gone by.  There, I felt her spirit everywhere.   Nearly sold, the stucco house in the desert was ready to be filled with a new family’s love and lives.  I remembered the last day I walked through with tears in my eyes.  I wrote of it in a post entitled, “My Mother’s House,” http://wp.me/p41md8-VB.

There was a very special piece of furniture remaining that meant much to my mother.  It was a large cabinet made mostly of glass with a bit of wood supporting it.  Inside was a mirrored back reflecting rows of glass shelving lit from above.  On the outside was an unusual door, sliding from side to side together with a skeleton key to lock intruders out.  Empty now, at one time it held my mother’s prized collection of dolls.  Not so long before, little ‘girls and boys’ could be seen playing inside!

I would often watch my mother’s delight at the sight of her other children, remembering how she adjusted their petite clothes or the way she combed long locks of colored hair. She tied itty-bitty shoe laces, cocked jointed heads this way or that and gently put tiny toys into miniature hands.  They looked so real to me!   My mother once told me that she never had her own doll as a child.  Her family was too poor.  For all of her life, I believe she tried to fill a deep, dark hole inside of her that never left.  Sadly, it was still there when she passed away.  Now, I like to think of my mother as little girl in heaven, playing in a field of flowers with endless dolls of all sizes, shapes and colors.  Oh, how she would have loved that!

My father gave to me my mother’s very special cabinet before I left for the long trip back to Missouri.  He could have sold it in a sale for dollars and cents, paper and coins. This would have helped him financially, to be sure.  Still, he wanted me to have it.  I could barely find the words to thank him.  Instead, I put my arms around his neck, kissed his cheek and dropped a tear upon the collar of his cotton shirt.

This morning a large piece furniture made of glass with little wood sits in my grand-daughter’s play room with a crib of white near-by.  Soon, I will fill it with my mother’s dolls.  Together my precious princess child and I will use the skeleton key to unlock a mystery door.  Gently, we will lift dolls out, one-by-one   Holding them, they will be loved, cherished and played with while telling stories and making up names.  She will be taught the magic of the cabinet while learning all about her loving great-grandmother.

This is a very special Valentine’s Day for me.  The spirit of my mother together with her heart and soul are here today.  A memorable cabinet is against a nursery wall, soon to be filled with dolls and treasured tales for generations to come.  I send my mother a Valentine to heaven above.  She sees it and smiles.   She’s happy, I know.  I feel it here in my heart where my own valentine sits and smiles.



24 thoughts on “A Cabinet Full of Heart

  1. Hi,
    This is extremely beautiful. It is a treasured memory and oh how well I can relate to it. When my mother died. I flew home from Germany. The first thing I did when I arrived at my childhood home was to go to my mother and dad’s bedroom. My dad has passed one year before my mother. As i walked in, I didn’t feel my mother’s presence. It was as I walked in the room, that I knew deep inside that my mother has crossed over into the heavenly realm.

    So, I can very much relate to this beautiful story. I too have beautiful memories of my mother when she visited me in the year 2000. She came alone and stayed four weeks and the memories that I gathered during that time and stored in my treasure chest of memories brightens many of my days.

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for a very well written blog.



    • Patti, thanks for such a moving comment. You have shared the love between you and your mother with me in the past, making your words even more meaningful to me. I am glad you have your “treasure chest” of memories to remind you of her. Thanks to God, she is with you forever. I wish I could give you a hug. Love to you, Patti.


  2. What a great memory alive in that piece. Things like that are so personal and hard to explain. Kudos to your special father who made sure you got it. We have a clock from my wife’s family that she just listens to and goes back in time to her grandmother’s house. I love that story and am glad that piece of furniture will warm your heart for years to come.


    • Thank you, Mark. I shall have my father read this piece for he is “special” indeed. I wrote a post just for him around Christmas of last year entitled, “The Gift of My Father.” Because of who he is, it may be my best writing yet. God bless you and your dear wife; the memories she has because of her clock. How wonderful for her.


  3. Hi Kim- I’ve never replied to your blog before but have read all. I remember your mothers love of her dolls. And am so happy you going to be able to share them and the memories with your granddaughter . I too am able to see the joy and wonderful memories of my MoM
    When Kylie bakes cookies with all the different cookie cutter shapes that once belonged to her NaNa- filling our home with that wonderful fresh baked cookie aroma! They’re not just
    Cookies – they are Love-passed down generations- Happy Valentines Day Cousin!


    • Oh, Ann, thank you for the beautiful memory of your mom. I can picture her “cookie cutters” in Kylie’s hands, making shapes in stars or little lambs. How lucky we are to share the memories, to pass them down to those who come next in line. Our mothers taught us well…


  4. What a sweet and tender story, Kim. I have this image of your Mom peering over her pile of heavenly dolls, your beautiful Valentine in her hand, smiling down at you with eyes sparkling with love.


    • I appreciate your time in reading, and your compliment, Suzanne. I am fortunate enough to have a loving daughter-in-law who has gifted me with an angel grand-daughter. She will be the one to “play” with me!


    • My mother gave me a unique “love” for dolls that will be passed down to a Great Grand-Daughter she never knew. So many “gifts” to this little one. Thank you, Laurie.


      • Already she is a “Girl-Girl,” a lover of “baby dolls” big and small. She will be two next month, but understands that anything behind glass is “special,” to be held close to the heart. She has the best of both of her parents who are extremely smart, yet have a great love for the arts. Of course, I like to think she takes after “me” a bit, too. Ha, ha!


      • It’s nice to have a girly-girl, you can buy all the pretty stuff for them. It’s good she’s learning about what not to touch. Of course she takes after you. 🙂


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