Thank You-“100th Post”

Today it’s a kind of personal milestone in the blogging world I share with you.   This morning it’s my “100th” post so far!  It’s been about three months since the beginning of my writing here.   I began at the end of last October in 2013.  I haven’t missed a day since then.  Well, let’s be honest, maybe just one.  I know that to be true because my younger sister phoned on an early fall day sounding nearly panicked, “Kim, where is it?” she shouted, like I skipped the country by then.  “I’ve looked everywhere, she said.  I don’t read the paper anymore, but your blog…….I can’t find it anywhere!”  It was the utmost compliment, I know.  Yet I hardly believed it, and nearly laughed uncomfortably.  I didn’t know she had been reading.  After thanking her profusely, I told her the truth.  “I am so sorry.  I did not have time to write today.”  Yet, I felt guilty.  She shamed me into writing later.  It might have been a quote I pondered.  I remember thinking, “If my own sister missed my writing maybe others did?”

I only know now I have more to say.  I like it here, the people I’ve met, the comments we share, and the times we’ve spent.  I feel comfortable and safe.  I like this blog world and each of your writings as well.  All of you have your own style, your own “voice” in the way you write your words as you should.  I listen to them.  I hear what you say and learn from you.  I’ve heard how you think, what you believe, and imagine where you live.  I have visions  of your sights and sounds, and catch a glimpse of your dreams, what they be made of.  Your words are gifts you know

There are many more “lessons” I wish to explore in the future here.  Those subliminally taught to me by family from the not-so-distant past as well as the present.  Others I’ve met along my journey as well.  Most importantly, lessons learned from my children about living and life.   The blessings they’ve given to me.  The many I wish to share.  I’m not sure if I can keep up the pace of writing a daily post, so I may take a day off every now and again to focus on other writings waiting in the wings.  Yet, as long as you’ll be here reading, I’ll be here writing.  It is my passion, my promise to you and to me too.

I wish to thank you dear readers for being here.   Some of you have read “100” posts.   You’ve stood by me and told your friends.  My following has grown and you haven’t let me down, haven’t let me go.  I so appreciate you for reading what I write.  You’ll never know how much it means to me.  So, I simply say today, “Thank You.”

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14 thoughts on “Thank You-“100th Post”

  1. Thank you! You’ve been such a nice person with admirable thoughts. We’ll be there with you even you’ll never see us. But as they say ‘Connections are of souls’. I thank you and wish you a journey whose fruits we all can share equally.


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