Seeds of Success

Success does not land in your lap.  It starts with an idea.  I compare it to a seed that must be tenderly planted in soil.  A small hole must me dug in the finest earth where a slight seed will be dropped forth.  There it will be buried and covered, watered, nurtured, and guarded every day with prayer in mind.

God has a greater part in this life of your seed, in your future success than you realize.  You must do the work, put in the hours, have the will and live the passion, it’s true.  Yet, it is He who brings forth the proper mixture of soil, temperature, sunlight, nightfall, raindrops, and dew.  With care and prayer, your seed will sprout forth from the ground at the befitting time to be given to you.  It is yours now.  He is counting on you.  With continued belief and prayer, He will be by your side. to see your idea grow bigger and better into that dream of yours.

That’s what success is.



6 thoughts on “Seeds of Success

  1. The perfect example of one of the most important lessons of Nature. It includes care, patience, hard work, precision, devotion and everything that is needed for a word called ‘success’, which is actually living up a dream. Lovely!


  2. Hi Kim,
    I enjoyed your beautiful and inspiring thoughts on success. Great encouragement in beginning a new year!

    Thanks for reminding us of the key element that God plays in our success. I also need to continually remind myself that the way I measure success is often far different than his.


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