“No School” Day!

It is freezing cold here in St. Louis.  Much like the rest of the country, I’m  told.  When I rose from under layers of cozy bed covers this morning, my “Doodle” dog barely lifted his head.  From the dimly lit room, I could tell what he thinking.  “Those bare wooden floors are cold.  What are you doing, what are YOU thinking?”  I sat down for a minute or more.  Just when he thought it was safe to scoot back under, I fooled him.  Taking a deep breath before putting fuzzy slippers on my frigid feet, I jumped up for the day.  His shaggy white head and black nose peeked at me one last time.  “Are you CRAZY?”  At least that’s what I imagined he was….thinking.

The temperature on the lower right hand of my computer reads, “5 degrees.”  I’m not sure what the “High” will be, but surely not warm enough for me.  Yesterday, local schools were closed for fear of kids being stranded at icebox bus stops.  Some days, I see neighborhood moms stopped at the corner in crammed cars loaded with kids.  Through steamy windows, striped mittens wave for the bright yellow school bus to swing around the bend before picking them up.  Not today.  It’s too cold to stop.

The children are all snug in their beds, but when they wake they will barely be able to eat their breakfast for goodness sake.  They’ll be so excited.  It’s another “NO SCHOOL” day for them!  Shortly after the warm sun shines over that back hill of mine, they will be climbing there.  Those same striped mittens I’ve seen in steamy windows will be matched with hats on heads. Snuggly snow pants will be added plus flannel fringed scarves to keep open necks from becoming numb.  Yes, kids will be warm then.

On sleds of red and saucers of silver, children of all ages will slide from the top to the bottom with toothless grins and loads of laughter.  No matter the temperature their blood will rise through the fun of exercise they don’t realize.  Yes, kids today will be out to play.  Like my boys back in the day.

Soon, little girls and little boys will want to take a break from wet snow on their legs or arctic air on their faces.  Houses up and down my curving street will have dryers blowing heat to warm sodden clothes before “Round #2,” and the next trip up the hill.    While lucky children wait, they chatter on kitchen stools.  Soon “Mom” will serve decorated mugs of hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows dancing on top.  For her the “off day” never stops.  She works at home with a smile on her face and peace in her heart.

When the sun sets, exhausted children are tucked into beds.  Mothers kiss blooming cheeks, thanking God for their innocence.  A “No School” day,  means freedom and fun!

 I should know.  I remember when…………

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