Carousel of Dreams

I didn’t get much sleep last night.  My words kept me from slumber.  At one point I dreamed of far off music.  Was it a soothing waltz my words were dancing to?  This morning it’s so ironic to think of what my mind does when I’m supposedly sleeping.  One side of the brain is talking to me.  It says, “Stir you from sleepiness to twist on the antique rose lamp.”  In my dream-state, I’m tempted under warm bedcovers yet I can’t seem to reach it.  Then I hear a voice, like an old record stuck playing over and over again.  “Open your bedside drawer, reach for that pad and pen.  For a few minutes nothing…….peacefulness.  Could I now be in REM?  It is far too short for soon it begins again.

HA!  My brain plays tricks on me, the right and the left.  They have slight fights in the night, a tug- of-war if you will

I dreamed of a child’s carousel going round and round, before coming to its end.  Slowing down….up and down…around and around.  Slowing down further until it stops for all to get off.  Maybe this is where the music comes into play?  Yes, I think perhaps it was for I can hear it now.  It is a lovely waltz, the beautiful melody plays on the enormous brass pipes as soon as the carousel starts to jerk and move.  When the horses begin to “neigh.”

Although the words are no longer there from last night above, the picture still is.  I will try to describe it for you now.  I saw the most magnificent carousel ever, the kind I would have seen at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.  Stately horses were prancing everywhere, perfectly plumed, saddles covered in rainbow colors and painted with gold.  Their bridles were braided in turquoise ropes of freshly picked flowers, while their manicured hooves floated in time to music.  The horses massive manes stood wild and upright or were thick and flew back within the “magic” breeze while they huffed and puffed, racing to victory.  A zebra jumped behind “up and down.” His eyes were open and wild, set on the prize.  As if in the air, on a tall golden pole slightly ahead was a fine stud of grey decorated to sway the best of a child’s imagination.  He interrupted and won.

It was dark in my dream state.  The lights above, I wish you could have seen.    Oh, what a wonder!  Such a lovely sight for adults and children alike.  There were wide swans riding in the middle for lovers sitting close and alone, those who didn’t want to be bothered. It was perfect you know.  I felt as if I’d been there.  Magical I’m sure for the many who were all those years ago.

Dreams give to us picture postcards we might not otherwise have had.   Often they are wee permission slips to be a child again.   Gifts to let our imaginations wander away…perhaps to a State Fair on this day?                                                                                                                                                

4 thoughts on “Carousel of Dreams

  1. No one can even track the origin of dreams. That’s their beauty. They have something to remind us. They have a code for us to decode. Decode them to be happy and if no success, then believe that another better dream will visit you. I love dreaming as it increases my creativity.


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