It’s nearing the end of January.  When I opened the patio door early this morning the shivering air rushed in…WHOOSH!   My ‘Doodle’ dog scampered out.  He sniffed at frozen shrubbery before passing them by.  I watched him from my bay window and wondered why?  He lumbered beneath the hillside where my ‘deer-friends’ stopped to meet.   They were there last night, leaving prints leftover in the still white snow.

The hillside behind my house has an unusual pattern left in the snow.  I’ve never noticed one like it before.   It’s  hard for me to describe.  Here in my office, I can see it through the French doors, all the way to the kitchen’s patio window far on the other side.  I see it staring back at me.  As if to ask, “What are you looking at?  What is so different about me?”

Differences.  They are all around us, not meant by God to be the same.  All we have to do is stop to think or take a look.  I scrutinize impressions of crusty milk piles left outside, blades of brown grass underneath, tall branches of bare trees reaching high in the sky and frozen flowers buried deep below.

God’s creations for a purpose.  Differences for us to get to know.

photo 2

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