Sunday Playdate

It was Sunny on Sunday.  Sunny and bright.  The light was dancing on our faces from the blue sky above.

We sat together for breakfast munching on loose yellow scrambled eggs sliding next to brown banana pancakes, relaxing in a cozy square booth.  My sweet grand-daughter plopped on my lap, spooning my eggs into her O-rounded mouth next to her full plate. “Grandma’s tasted better.”   Her parents were there too, my son so adored with my sweet daughter–in-law too, her belly growing bigger with my soon ‘grandson-to-be!’

In the midst of after church chatter we had time to ‘catch-up.’  It seemed like I hadn’t seen my little angel, “Gracie-Girl,” since forever and a desert moon.  I wasn’t far off.  The last time I felt her inner glow was during our early Christmas celebration on December 18th, a long time ago.  For a brief moment I wondered, would she remember my face, the sound of my voice, my butterfly kiss or the scent of my hair when I hugged her there?

 It had been a long time.  Almost a month for a child not yet two to remember….. For a brief second she was slightly tentative, with a cautious blue eye looking at me.  Suddenly like magic the spark was lit.  I could see it, there!  Kissing her on the nose, I cuddled her just right.  She jumped up and down, grinning her pearly smile while capturing all of my love in a mini-juice cup ‘to go.’

Next, we were off to the park where we played, allowing imaginations to whip away.  Gracie ran ahead.  So much to see, so much to do.  “What shall I choose, where do I go?”  She skipped ahead to the jungle gym where she ran up and down and all around.  She crossed the loose bridge, ducked through the blue tunnel, slid down the red ramp and ended with “peek-a-boo.”  I had to laugh, looking up towards her at the top, she slouched down.    In her sweet tiny voice, she asked, “Is that YOU, Grandma?

Ending the morning,  Gracie ran toward her favorite swing.  She would sit in the seat all day if she could!   “Push, Grandma,” she said, impatiently. “Do you want to go higher?” I asked.  “Yes.”  I pushed higher.  She giggled and laughed.  Letting her head fall loosely back, she appeared to be in her own world of dreamland.  Far, far, back…..Round blue eyes, wide and wondering.   Swinging back and forth…….back and forth.  Blond hair and hat of white, flying in the wind like baby birds from tree to tree.

Gracie did not speak.  She did not laugh.  Suddenly everything was  hushed.   The “O” of her mouth was closed.  She was at  peace…so at peace.  Locked in her individual dream world of imagination.  Quiet and serene.  Such an ‘oh-so-beautiful sight.’   One I shall not forget soon, to my delight!

  Dreams……..from Heaven above to Gracie-Girl, below.   They are hers alone.  I will never know…..

Grace in Pink Coak


9 thoughts on “Sunday Playdate

  1. You have such a poetic touch to your words that I’ve to admire. Keep blogging and please try to give a shot to song-writing. You’ll do it beautifully.


    • Oh, thank you so much. How I wish! I used to sing and would love to do it, No matter how I tried, I could never read music. I was only able to sing by ear. Sad, but true. Thank you for your sweet compliment. I’m really glad you are hear with me, Sarvjit


      • I’m very glad to be born on the heaven named Earth, with such wonders that I can’t believe. Thank you for your thoughts.


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