My Youngest Son, My Biggest Boy

My youngest son, Justin, picked me up from the airport on Wednesday night.  As soon as I hopped into his toasty car, I kissed him on his warm, rosy cheek.  “So good to see you, Mom,” he said, with a quick arm around my neck.   His face felt smooth to my shivering lips, and oh-so-good.  It had been a long time since I’d seen him back a few weeks before.  How I had missed him!

It was 18 degrees, but Justin was dressed in a hooded yellow sweatshirt with long basketball shorts made of loose grey-colored, jersey.  Not a foot of snow nor the cold bothered him. It never did.  Besides, he had just left the gym.  At six foot-four and just over 200 pounds, he’s my “big” boy.  What does Lady Gaga sing?  “I was born this way.”

I’m always looking up to Justin, this big son of mine.  When I stand next to him I feel a bit elfin.  He doesn’t quite “look” like any other of our family.  If I hadn’t carried him and given birth, I’d surely wonder…is he truly mine? His hair is dark and wavy like the sea, if he let it be.  The color of his skin is olive, slightly kissed by the sun.  But, by far his best feature are his eyes.  Mesmerizing, like something seen in a movie or illustrated in a children’s picture book.  An artist would have trouble capturing their likeness with the tip of brush stroke, they are so unique.  The color of peacock water, I dare to think.

Justin begins a new job next week, one that he is positively excited for.  I am so happy for him.  I have my hopes.  He is extremely smart, above the average by far.  He skipped eighth grade, graduated from high school and went on to get his private university degree in three years.  So rare, he was the first student to ever do so at the time!  Still, he’s had trouble finding his niche.  He’s been searching for something, I think.  I’m hoping this is it! He’s highly creative, a bit of a dreamer, like his mother.  Yet he’s smart, too, like his father.  The best of both worlds….Harder to make choices in life, it seems….

The most important thing to me has always been for my son to have a life of good health and happiness.  I’ve told him this through tears and hugs and tenderness.  As a mother, this is all I’ve ever wanted for him.  From his very first breath of life’s air until today and forevermore.  If he should receive these gifts, I will be at peace.  Bring him love together with the above and my soul will sing with joy.

I’ve prayed to God so many times…..  I’ll pray again tonight and tomorrow and the next day after that.  He is a man….my youngest son, by biggest boy.


10 thoughts on “My Youngest Son, My Biggest Boy

  1. Awesome, our children provide so much joy to our hearts and love to our hearts that it is hard to image ever been without them. I too know the feelings you were experiencing. Thank you so very much for sharing your heart felt joy. May the Lord’s peace always provide you with an overflowing heart of love for your children always.


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