Saving Mr. Banks

I’ve never spoken about a movie here before.  Certainly, I’m not a “reviewer.”  It’s such and individualized topic, totally up to a person’s preference, even the genre they like.  Everyone is different.  If I think a movie is good you may not.  That’s what makes the world go round…So, I’m a bit hesitant.  Yet, this movie made me “feel” so GOOD that I need to share it here.

My great-aunt Shirley was taking a nap so I had some time to kill.  I hadn’t gone to a movie in months.  Why not check the theater out?  What’s playing today?  What sounds good or bad to me?  It’s hard to choose………This is the time of year when all “the good ones” are in play.  Some of the award season has already started, the rest is nearly upon us.  Soon all of the nominations will be announced.   The “best” movies are typically saved for the end of the year, the rest to “roll over” into the first of the next.  The “powers-that-be” want them playing re-wind, fresh in all of the voters minds.  It’s nearly time to check “X” in boxes on ballot day!

So I finally did decide.  It wasn’t easy, but I rolled the dice to make my choice.  I slid my warn and folded green paper dollars under a plexiglass window to say, “Saving Mr. Banks.”  I had seen Mary Poppins several times when I was a very young child, delighting in all its 1960’s Technicolor glory.  I sang the songs by heart and danced a few jigs with Mary and Bert.  I wanted to live in the Bank’s beautiful house.  How I hoped to be one of the lucky children who had parents they did..  Like every child, I dreamed of a magical nanny who could make medicine taste sweet and opened her parrot umbrella to fly above pastel colored rooftops in the perfect blue sky.  What I knew nothing of, was the story behind Mary Poppins.  Naturally, a little girl doesn’t think of such things!  That was the “wall” we never saw, we never knew of. It was what made Walt Disney who he was, his gift to us all.

It’s ironic that my blog’s theme is about “Chronic Conditions,” and that today I’m writing about Mary Poppins.  Actually, I’m writing about the story behind Mary Poppins.  If you see the movie you will understand the connection between the two.  There is one.  One of “lessons” and “blessings” too.  Writers especially will appreciate them.  The “How,” Where,” What,” and When.”  How did the book become a movie?  Where did the author get her imagination to write such a tale?  What inspired the author in such a way?  When did this all come to fruition?

I had only one word before plopping my wrinkled, empty popcorn bag into the garbage container after the credits rolled across the screen.


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