Happy New Year!

Happy New Year’s Resolution Day! 

Normally, I only make a few I’m sure to keep.  This year I hope it’s the same.  I’ve got a book I’m DETERMINED to finish!!!!!!   I definitely hope to become a better writer each and every day through this blog of mine, don’t we all?  I look forward to getting my “speaking” voice back.  Although members of my family will tell you they’ve enjoyed the “peace and quiet” of the last nine months or so.

I am going to work on becoming a “better” person, in general.  We all can a do a bit better in that department I think!  Sometimes my mouth opens well before it probably should……..I need to think “good” thoughts before my “croak” begins crackling aloud.  “Speaking” of that, I’m truly looking forward to getting my speaking voice back in this New Year.  How and when it will happen is up to God and the doctors of course.  The light is now at the end of the tunnel, no more wondering what is wrong with me!

The best coming in the New Year (not a resolution) is my first-born grand-son due in May.  I can’t even begin to imagine such a miracle….Even as I write this I begin to tear up.  There were many days and nights I thought I may never get to be a “Grandma.”   Now look!   I’ll have two!!   Can you believe it?  I am so very blessed by God.   Some may not understand what I’m trying to say, it’s true.  But, if you’ve lived this life of mine, raising children who live with chronic illnesses, than you know how very lucky I am.  What I’m trying to say…..

Please give thanks to God for your health each and every day.  It can turn in a dime or even less than that, unexpectedly.  Be happy.  Stay safe, and spread good cheer.

Happy New Year……….


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