6 thoughts on “God’s Gifts

    • Thanks, Tammy. No, It’s part of the Media File, but seems to be “God’s” place. Quiet, serene, peaceful, tranquil and full of beauty. One can surely feel Him there.


  1. I can feel him there just by looking at the picture. I would love to be sitting right there, as it looks just so beautiful and peaceful, only something God could create. That would be so awesome to have that picture hanging on my wall.
    Goodnight my dear friend. Gotta get up early in the morning for that darn procedure.


  2. Hi Kim. The procedure went well, but during the procedure they just had to find another problem, a hiatal hernia to add to my list of chronic illnesses. That could explain this shortness of breath, I’ve been experiencing, lately. It’s different from my asthma. The doctor said he would call me in a few days, after he receives the results of another test I had done back on the 19th of December. I assume it’s at this time he’ll discuss this hernia with me, as I was still loopy, after the procedure, when I finally came to.
    Happy New Year, my dear friend. Hope you had a nice new years eve. My hubby and I spent the evening together, celebrating. We had a wonderful time. I hope you did, as well. I wish nothing, but the best for you this new year.
    How is Charlies progress coming along? I hope well, and I’m still praying.:)


    • Happy New Year, Tammy. Another obstacle to bear??? Thank God for your sweet husband by your side. The celebration you two had sounded wonderful. Such a treat for you two! Charlie is “healing,” thank you for asking. Moved to a new “wound care” facility today. So far-so good. God has blessed us as always. XO


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