Christmas Eve Sister

As most of you know, when I wake in the morn, I have no plan in my head.  What will I write about?  Either I sit at my cozy desk or like today,  in a darkened desert guest room to type away at what  appears on the screen.  It’s Christmas time! This should be the theme.  “Yes and No”….”Yes and Yes.”

I’m thinking of my middle sister, nearly five years younger than me.  Wouldn’t you know, she was born on Christmas Eve?  How was I blessed to have so many birthdays surrounding Christmas?  My sister’s falls today.   My father wakes to his tomorrow.  How lucky my family is to ‘share’ this sacred time with Him!

It must have been a very hectic year my sister was born and a blessed one too!  My tiny brother was getting stronger after heart surgery.  He pulled me from my bed in our tiny square room, jumping for joy.  “Santa’s come,” he said!  We tip-toed to the tree, a few steps away.  There it was lit with colored bright bulbs, only one size back then.  They were strung from end to end.  My mother had planned for that day.   Presents were all around the needled tree.  Some were wrapped in shiny paper with bows, while others were left out of the box, from “the big man in R.E.D.”

I don’t remember my father being there.   Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t?  He could have been at the hospital with my mother and newborn sister.  Perhaps one of our grandmothers was at our little house with us that morning?  My mother left behind all of her  Christmas magic.  A toy guitar nestled under a drooping evergreen branch sat next to a bright red cowboy hat.  “Chatty Cathy” waited for me to pull her tight white string.  Soon, I’d her very first few words!  She had lovely blonde hair to really brush and really comb!

Later that day, our “Little Grandpa” (my mother’s biological father) surprised us.  He was dropped off in a big black car, crinkling crushed stone in our short drive-way.  I heard the tires making the crunchy sound while climbing on the back of our grey nubby couch.  From there, I peeked out white window sheers to see him standing there.  Holding baskets of presents and toys, he was!!  He was like Santa, without his sleigh!….

Under department store wrapping was a magical doll set, the best I never hoped to wish for.  A white canopy doll bed with a precious baby sleeping in it waited for me….like my new-born sister….Along side, a matching chest of drawers with cotton clothes, diapers and swaddling blankets carefully folded inside each one.  I was now a brand new “Mama” like my mother away from me.  Tightly,  I squeezed my grandpa around his neck, kissing him a dozen times or so.  My new ‘baby’ was cradled within my arms. 

Merry Christmas to my mother above, and “Happy Birthday” to my baby ‘middle’ sister.  You are a great big blessing in my life.  I love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Craig and Joan Herring celebrating their birth...

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