Desert Sunrise

Last night I had dinner with my father in a diminutive western diner.  A large buffalo stared at the burgers we ate.  “John Wayne” dipped his cowboy hat while a well-worn pair of chaps  hung from our booth above.  We munched on hamburgers grilled from the top of open-fired coals.   Smoke drifted from the buns.  Stories were told from years ago.  Waitresses were afraid to interrupt…I could tell.   We giggled and laughed at silly nothings.  Soon, my father’s cell phone.  It jigged in the pocket of his pants, startling him.  For a moment, he nearly fell off the wooden bench! Instead, a great big moon smile spread across his funny face.  I laughed so hard my belly hurt…

The air is clear.  Mmmm, breathe it in.  Deeply now.  Sounds are quiet here.  Listen, do you hear anything in the desert, here?  No, I think not.

I feel my body begin to r.e.l.a.x.  God had more than one reason for me to get on a plane, to fly across the country during this holiday time.  This is not simply another visiting trip. The time for peace and reflection has come.  I must look back on the year that has nearly passed.  There are no excuses now.  Good or bad, what have I done?  I need to clear my mind, to let my body rest.  It’s time to take stock,  to appreciate the many blessings in my life.

I pray to God for guidance.  Hopefully, I will follow the right road in order to discover the correct path.  There are many decisions to make.   God had a reason for bringing me here. Yes, to see my father, to relax and to think.  And, perhaps, to have a few laughs along the way too!

Thank you, God, for the peace and quiet of the desert.  Where whispers of the world can almost be heard.  Shhhhh……listen now.


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