The Reason For The Season

The star of Bethlehem viewed from Main Street ...

The sky was dark, deep and black with not a natural light around except for one.  I glanced its way.  Far in the distance it was there staring back at me.  A single star.  It seemed so small, yet it was sparkling full of light.  Hanging loosely in the openness there, it was like a puppet without its strings.  Way up high, like the brightest bulb I’d ever seen.  It glowed and twinkled much like a picture from stories I’ve read to my children when they were small.

This bright and shining star was God’s gift of light, sparkling in the early morning darkness of the night.  With Christmas coming soon, it reminded me of the famous star of Bethlehem.  For this writing it’s only a symbol I know. Still, memories of Sunday School and the true reason of the season have brought me back to earth.  Take time to stop.  Say a prayer.  Go to church.  Give thanks to God for His only begotten son.

Forget the stores, the paper and the bows.  It’s all about the here and now.  The little things we can do for one another.  A toy we give to charity, a silver coin we put in a red metal kettle at the nearest corner, or a pet we rescue at the pound.  We can easily walk someone across a busy street, or purchase an extra bag of groceries for a family in need.

Give  time to others, read a book, stop to visit or run an errand.   Open your eyes.  If you look…….. you’ll see them there.  It’s not hard.

They look no different from you or me.

3 thoughts on “The Reason For The Season

  1. Hi,
    That one lone star changed the world. We went from B.C. to A.D. and the count down for his return to this earth began. That one lone star brought love, faithfulness, hope, and trust. No matter how bleak the days may be, the love of God that embraces our lives and brings us his grace is a reason to be thankful.

    Very nice article. It made me think and look at the many reasons I have to be grateful.



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