The Christmas Room

It is the morning of the second of December.  All that I hoped to accomplish yesterday has been finished.  The front room of my cozy house has been transformed into a wintry-wonderland.  Even from the kitchen it smells of freshly scented pine.  Wooden toy soldiers stand tall, and our “smaller-than-usual” tree looks regal twinkling to those who pass it by from the outside looking in.

Before I’m off to Arizona in the short weeks ahead, there is a lesson here.  Whenever I stroll through the glow of my “Christmas Room,” if I stop to find the belly of a comfy chair, or rest deep within the down sofa there, it is my quiet time.  Time to close my eyes to feel the warmth wash over me.  Time to take it all in, the peacefulness surrounding me.  Time to remember the true meaning of the season.  God’s gift to all of us upon this earth……his first born son.

English: Nativity scene

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