2 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Hi,
    Fear is one of the worst sicknesses that a person can have because it paralyzes and stop any type of progress. I personally believe that anyone who starts out to accomplish and fulfill their purpose in life is attacked at one time or another with fear, and they have to learn to deal with it. I don’t think you can get rid of it, but I do think that you can learn to keep pushing forward even though you are afraid.

    I have often been in situations where I was scared, but I knew within my heart if I did not move forward, I would never conquer that fear monster that is trying to convince me that it is hopeless or it is a dead end.

    I must also admit that my courage to continue and move forward has a lot to do with my meditation in the word of God, known as the Bible. It has strengthened me and led me through many situations where fear has tried to convince me that it can’t be done.

    Conquering fear is a daily thing and it also calls for wise discernment, because there is such thing as healthy fear. Again, my own true north principles derived from what I read in the Bible has helped me to determine what is positive fear and what is negative fear. And for that I am deeply grateful.



    • Hello My Dear Friend, Patti: Your words ring so right and true. Because of things that happened in my past I have long been “afraid” to get my story out until I started writing my first memoir during the last year. I still have so much more to do! I will think of you together with God’s word to push me along my way. You are such a wise woman, Patti. God brought you into my life for a reason. Thank you.


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