I tossed and turned all night, the leftovers of a fever and a cold. For whatever reason my mind was writing in the dark, no keyboard present, no notepad to scribble upon. I have this blog of course and a book I’m knitting, but sometimes the best words tumble out at the worst times it seems.  2, 3, 5 and then finally 6 am. Safe to venture into the quiet of the morning where I sip a cup of decaf within the cocoon of library shelves.

It might have been anticipation that steered my mind away from slumber. It’s true that I’ll be at my desk for most of the drizzly day, but when the clock strikes four all sunshine and fairy-land will begin. “Ding-Dong” the bell shall ring. I will have to contain myself, for behind the leaded glass a smudged face of lilliputian size with blue eyes as big as saucers will be waiting there. “POOF,” there she is, a miniature magic princess is upon my front portico.

Until her parents leave she plays the timid mouse. It’s a dress rehearsal of sorts for she soon marches into independence becoming the boss of the house which delights me so. She reaches for my hand, “Grandma, come,” marching me into her playroom where the “routine” begins. Imaginary tea-parties dance along a make-shift table, where “Winnie-the-Pooh” and “Raggedy-Ann,” pull up miss-matched, antique wooden painted chairs. Carefully, she decides the perfect animal cookies for her guests, while rocking her favorite baby gently in the crook of her left arm. Not yet two years old, she is already the best of future Mamas-to-be!

Next, she chooses story books for me to read aloud long kept from years ago. We snuggle like two bugs under an old crystal covered floor lamp.  Much like I did when I read to my own children at her age, silly voices ‘high’ and ‘low’ are heard within the soft hush of the room. She squirms and twists upon my lap, reaching for my mouth with eyes all a wide. Soon she’s figured it out, “Yes, it’s Grandma!” Falling down into balls of giggles, quickly she jumps back up upon her feet. “Again!” she says before the cycle begins anew.

Gracie’s Poem

She’s a beauty

with skin soft and smooth

and eyes the color of “Bahama Blue.”

A genius like her parents,

full of spirit like them too.

I’d steal Cinderella’s castle for her or slay a moose if I must,

Instead, I’m gifted time and tea-parties…

Thank you, God, no  better way to spend upon this earth, I trust.


My Gracie-Girl has a birthday today, becoming a big girl at the age of four. I discovered this post together with a nostalgic tear in my eye. Happy Birthday, Sweet One.

10 thoughts on “Gracie-Girl

    • Thank you so much for visiting. She is adorable, isn’t she? Of course, I am so biased, as she is my only grand-baby! Take Care on your journey, and have a blessed, Thanksgiving holiday. All My Best


      • She may be yours and you may be biased, but she truly is beautiful. I only have one grand-baby, Xander. He is 14 months old and the love of my love. A love only a grandma can know. You know what I mean. Good luck on your journey. I, also, wish for you and your family to have a blessed Thanksgiving.
        Wild Thang aka Tammy 🙂
        a friend blogger gave me this name of Wild Thang:)


      • You are such a doll, Tammy! Yes, I know what you mean, nothing as wonderful as being a “Grandma.” Give Xander a hug from me. I still miss little boys running around the house; like little monkeys they once were. “Gracie” is due to be a big-sister next May…maybe a ‘little brother?’ I’ll let you know!


      • Thank you. Funny you mention little boys running around like little monkeys because Xander’s new thing is to make the sound of monkeys. He thinks that’s the funniest thing. He so cute. I’m so lucky that my daughter and Xander are living with me while she goes to school to be a nurse, so I get to see his adorable little face every day and hug and kiss on him. I’ll give Xander an extra hug tomorrow from you. And, we’ll just have to kick back and wait to see if you’ll be blessed with a baby boy or another little princess. Either one, you’ll be just as happy. I bet Gracie is very excited about being a big sister. I know when I had my second one, my first was so excited. I have 4. 2 girls and 2 boys. My youngest is a senior in high school. That really makes me feel really old. LOL


      • Tammy, how terrific for you to have a little “monkey” in your house, where you can watch him climb the vines upon the trees! I miss that so! I remember, too, how “sad” it is when your youngest has suddenly morphed into a senior in high school. Be proud, for you have taught him well.


      • Yes, I love having a little monkey in my house, again. And, let me tell you, he doesn’t only love making the monkey sound, he is a climber, oh my! Just like my oldest son used to be. Time has gone by sooooooo fast. I can remember back when I was young and parents, teachers and everyone older than me used to say, “you better enjoy every day because time goes by so fast”. I thought ya, right. I’ve got 25 years before I’ll be that age and that’s a long time. Well, guess what? They were so right.
        Well, considering you don’t look any older than I am, if I’m old, sorry to say that you, too, are old! Sorry about that news. LOL I hate this being old crap and being sick and on disability makes me feel even older. Who knows, you could even be younger than me. I have a birthday coming up on Nov. 30th and I’d rather not mention how much older I’m going to be. I’m quite angry about it, actually! LOL It is sad that my youngest is a senior in high school because that means he will be going away to college next fall and he’s the one who always checks on me, asks me if I need anything, comes in my bedroom and sits either on the bed with me or in the recliner and will just hang out and talk, he’s so cute, he offered to carry me down the stairs the other day. The other 3 can be in the house and not see me for days, how sad is that? Oh well, that’s just life, right? I’m so glad to have you as my new friend. Keep in touch and I hope you are doing well. I look forward to many more chats with you.
        Hugs my friend,
        Wild Thang:)


      • My Dear Tammy (Wild Thang) you are so lucky to have your son with you now. He sounds like such a sweet young man. That is how my Jayson is, and Justin too. I, can relate to the difference in personalities. My boys are very different: one more introverted, the other extroverted. Deep inside, both are very sensitive and empathetic to others.

        Yes, we should have listened to those who were much wiser when our children were growing-up. How I wish I would have kept a journal when my “Monkeys” were climbing ‘trees.’ I would have a forest of material that I could choose to write from! You should suggest to your daughter to start jotting down little notes, if only a few words or a saying day-to-day.


      • Kim, I am with you. I wish I had kept journals while my children were growing up. I’ve kept many journals throughout my lifetime, but they weren’t good ones, they were journals of my darkest days. Once I fill up one 5 star spiral notebook(that;s a large one, in case you didn’t already know that) I shred each and every page, as if anyone, especially my family, would get a hole of those and read them, it would not be good. You know, we all go through tough times and not all of us know how to deal with them. They are my deepest darkest thoughts. But, as my therapists keep telling me that thoughts are nothing more than thoughts. Thoughts are just thoughts and we don’t have any control over what thoughts enter our mind. We do have control over how we react to or what we do with these thoughts.
        I have suggested to my daughter to try to write some things down. She has a baby book for him and never even started on it. I was really shocked about that because she is the type of person that I really thought would be keeping track of every milestone and all the cute things he does. The baby book I did for her is overflowing, not anywhere near being able to close the book. I know she’s just so busy right now with school, nursing school, to make a life for her and her son. She’s an awesome mother and spends every waking moment with him when she’s not in school. She takes him to the park, the petting zoo, all kinds of play dates. Just watching my own daughter being a mother is a beautiful thing.
        Well, I’m with you on that last paragraph, girl! People always say they don’t believe how old I am. Let’s just say I “FEEL” like I’m about 93 and I’m not even kidding. I’m a hot mess! LOL
        Peace and hugs my friend,
        Wild Thang 🙂


      • I know what you mean. I have some pages I should probably go ahead and shred even though the notebook isn’t anywhere near filled up, yet. Just in case, know what I mean? Journaling and blogging are very therapeutic for me. I have the need to get it out because it does help, at least in the moment.


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