God Heals All Things

On our third day home from the hospital it became apparent that my newborn, Justin, was very ill.  A mother knows. When a hungry baby begins to nurse, he is soothed and all is well.  My son jerked away in pain.  He wailed loud with frustration while flailing his arms and legs between the instinct of hunger and the pain of prevention.  Unable to fill his need, my heart quickened at his agony.

With my husband out-of-town, my parents drove me back to the hospital of his birth.   My “big baby” looked like a miniature doll once he was placed in a large hospital crib.  Nurses and aids surrounded him; taking tests, doing measurements, and writing notes on clipboards.  My heart broke whenever a needle was stuck into his unsuspecting heel.  It was like squeezing blood from a turnip. Each time I caught sight of the  white-coated lady from the lab, I rushedto protect my new son.   Even if only to hold his clenched fist or whisper sweet nothings into his ear.  He knew my voice and for a second on the clock, a sense of calmness came over him.

My baby son was born with a tiny tear in his ureter, allowing urine to seep into his stomach whenever he “relieved” himself.  Eventually infection took over his infant body which caused him great pain.  To make him well, I would drop pink medicine into his mouth from a dropper for the first year of his life.  Much like a mother bird feeds her young while in the nest of tall trees whispering in the wind.  Doctors hoped the tear would heal itself as they often do.

With only hours to go before my baby’s discharge, my body was attacked by ravaging pain in the darkness of the night.  Truly, I felt like I might die.  The pediatric wing was hushed quiet with baby’s sleeping breaths.  Somehow, I made it to the nurses station where I asked the little gal in green to please take me down to ER.  Looking at me in disbelief, she wondered briefly if I might have another “baby in my tummy?”

I would think this was an unbelievable story if it hadn’t happened to me.  Only days after giving birth by c-section and tending to my sick infant, I was re-admitted for my second surgery.  My gallbladder needed to be removed as soon as possible!  Two days later, I went home to the open arms of my little Jayson waiting patiently for his mother and new baby brother in the open door jamb.  Never was I so grateful to be home, to have my family “whole” again.   Our ribbon had come loose and quickly needed to be re-tied.  God had blessed me by giving me the strength to get through.  He had answered my prayers in so many ways.

In so many ways…..

6 thoughts on “God Heals All Things

  1. What a cute little guy. You have truly been blessed. I’m glad everyone is doing well at this time. sounds like you’ve been through a lot in such a short time. Prayers for everyone to stay as well, as possible. I wish you the best on your journey. 🙂


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