“Mommy, I Can Hear You!”

During all of those pediatric check-ups when Jayson was young, his doctor often treated him for ear infections: Otitis Media. Edging closer to the age of two, his speech became leclear.  As his mother, I could understand the baby words he babbled, but others could not.  I took offense to this.  “Why not, ” I wondered?

After a prescription of  ‘pepto-pink’ liquid, my little one had about three weeks free from tugging on ears full of fluid.  It wasn’t quite a month before pain began, again.  Sure enough,  infection lurked under a crib to target places not meant to be.   Finally, in the warm spring of Arizona, I held my young son’s hand to visit a specialist in the hopes of hearing the future.

Jayson wore a small set of headphones in a space about the size of a London phone booth.  There, he listened to several sounds, all of them ‘muffled.’   His new doctor  recommended surgery to put tubes in his ears.  A ‘drainage system’ of sorts to prevent liquid from collecting bacteria.  Everything in Jayson’s world was heard much differently than the average little guy.   Like, sounds under the sea…..

A few weeks later, my angelic one came out of recovery after ear surgery.  Before long, he sat up to suck on a red lollypop while sipping water through a curly, yellow straw.  His daddy  took us home where we watched “Big Bird” VHS movies while resting on a flowered sofa.  Thanks to God, and the skill of a surgeon’s hands, my first-born son never had another ear infection in whole of his life.


“A Mother’s Heart Is Always With Her Children”


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