God’s Gift

Lovely butterfly in the grass

Edging spindled legs barely seen

Through straw-colored blades

Flitting wings of two slowly…slowly

Taking her time this lovely butterfly

For one brief moment in all of this world

God’s gift to all below

Back and forth, up to down then down to up

Like magic

Brushing square tips of fresh cut lime

Lovely butterfly in the grass

Sunset colors of a summer’s day

Brushstrokes painted upon paper wings

Soon to soar towards warmth of sun

I shall wave a fond farewell

Towards a splash of gold within a sea if blue


Lovely butterfly once God’s gift to all below

Just living is not enough!


Beautiful words to make you smile…..

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“Just living is not enough, said the butterfly …
One must have sunshine,
freedom and a little flower to kiss…”

~ Hans Christian Andersen ~
Text source: Zura Shishani https://www.facebook.com/NourZura?fref=photo

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Dogs Vs. Peanut Butter!


A real tasty treat for all of you. My “Doodle” dog is easily a member of this pack!!  Enjoy!  :) :)

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I love peanut butter, but I think every dog I’ve had in my life, loves it even more! Here’s a Saturday giggle for all of you… some dogs who have peanut butter stuck on the ‘woof’ of their mouths! LOL ;-)

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Starfish Throwers


Make a positive difference in the lives of others. Help your community by becoming a “Starfish Thrower”

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It sounds like something small boys do while mum is looking the other way, but actually it’s something we all should do. Because throwing starfish matters. Throwing starfish makes a difference. Contrary to how it sounds throwing starfish is actually a good thing.

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Motherhood Bliss

The core of Chronic Conditions and Life Lessons which began nearly two years ago.  Edited and re-posted for you.

“Who Takes The Child By The Hand Takes The Mother By The Heart” An Old German Saying

The moment I became a mother my heart was no longer my own.  On that very first day and forever more it would beat for two, together with any children born to me afterward.  Thump, thump…..thump, thump…..thump, thump.

Minutes after birthing my first child, my husband took hold of our slippery newborn who soon grasped my forefinger with his own.  Exhausted from labor yet overwhelmed with wonder, I gazed at the tiny miracle held before me.

My baby boy was pronounced perfect with an apgar score of 10!  His pediatrician ordered the prerequisite blood samples which surely guaranteed a lifetime of health and happiness.  I remember wincing when the nurse pricked his heel.  His pain was my pain.  I cried when he cried.  Later, the doctor came by to tell me his blood sugar was a bit on the “low” side.  “No big deal, nothing to worry about,” the good doctor said.   A tiny drop of glucose was given via IV.  Barely a drip, no bigger than the head of a straight silver pin.    

If an angel dressed in heavenly white suddenly appeared presenting a painted portrait of my future as a mother living with Chronic Conditions, would it have made any difference? Would diabetes have made me love my son any less?  Would it have caused me to pause in any way or hesitate on any given day?  No, never, not in a million years!  My own angel lay swaddled in tiny bed of clear where the sight, smell and touch of him melted the whole of my body and soul.  He was perfect in every way. He would be in the future and forever to come.

*Even more so today.  Such a blessed life we live!  I love you, Jay.

“Who takes the child by the hand takes the mother by the heart”  An Old German Saying

antique mother & babe

Introducing Honey Bear


I’d hop the boat myself if Red Bear and Honey Bear would let me climb aboard. A soon-to-be-treat picture book for all of my grand-babies.

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Red Bear has a new friend. Her name is “Honey Bear” and she will soon be joining him on his next adventure sailing the high seas. Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, enjoy this sweet, cute video promotion featuring both Red Bear and Honey Bear in “The Misadventures of Red Bear: Sail Away With Me My Honey Bear” Music courtesy of Enya “Orinoco Flow” from her very first album. Enjoy the video.

sail away with me honey bear

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Reunions and Relatives?

Last weekend my husband’s annual family reunion was held in the coolness of Michigan, a state north of my own sweet Missouri.  The chosen city was Ann Arbor, home of the prestigious University of Michigan, best known around my home for its slogan, “Go Blue!”

It’s that time of year when shapes of waxy green hanging above our heads were starting to turn yellow.  Edges of some were slightly curled.  Below our feet, several had been there for days or maybe a week.  Others floating down seemed to be waving. “Hello,” or “Good-by,” depending on your point of view, I guess.

Chairs of plastic mesh crisscrossed to make backs and seats on hallow metal tubes.  Bright colors of orange and yellow, blue and white or lime and turquoise sat ready and waiting.  Some were already filled and taken.  Semi-circles automatically made their way atop a stained wooden deck of dark cinnamon that seemed to flow right off a kitchen belonging to the host.

Inside, on every covered counter top of Formica white, trays of catered food were displayed.  Fresh sandwiches of turkey and vegetables, lean roast beef with lettuce and bowls of assorted chips and dips of green or cream sat together with a variety of salads.  Noodle or potato?  Lettuce or Kale?  Creamy dressing or plain?  In between were large plates of every crudité imaginable plus the mandatory sheet cake.  Decorated and frosted in white, it took center stage.  There was enough food to fill a plate for my husband’s siblings of eight.  Maybe two or even three.  No one had to wait to see.  “Come and Get it!”

As tracks of teeth left bite marks amidst three-layered sandwiches, there was another buzz floating among the trees.  A new name spitted out.  Harbaugh.  H.A.B.A.U.G.H.

One can’t live in Ann Arbor, perhaps anywhere in Michigan and not be excited about the new coach of U of M.  As members of die-hard Michigan fans, this was a great topic of conversation during our reunion.  “So what do you think about Harbaugh?”  “Isn’t that great about Harbaugh?”  “Can’t wait to see the first game coached by Harbaugh!”

Jim Harbaugh was a former Michigan Alumnus where he played Quarter Back for three seasons and led the Wolverines to the Rose Bowl in 1987, finishing third as a Heisman Trophy finalist.  He coached the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL for four seasons (2011-2014) where he led them to three playoff wins and one Super Bowl.  Now, he was coming HOME.  No wonder everyone was excited!

Sitting in my webbed chair of plastic color, listening to all of the talk about Jim Harbaugh, I couldn’t help but smile to myself.  Out of everyone attending the reunion, perhaps I had the most reason to be thinking of him.  No one knew, of course.  And, after all these years, centuries even, it’s not really important.  But, on that day, in that time and place it was my own little secret claim to possible fame.

Jim Harbaugh, the new coach of the University of Michigan may be related to me.  His early ancestors settled in the same few states that my own ancestors did.  My great-grandmother was a Harbaugh, the same as Jims’.  She was a German descendent of Casper Harbaugh who came to America via ship at the age of 13 in 1742.  His parents tearfully put him on a boat, all alone, hoping to give him a better life once he arrived in the new world.  How desperate they must have been!

Ironically, I’m lucky to be here and perhaps Jim Harbaugh is too.  Casper Harbaugh almost didn’t make it to America.  Like many who rocked their way across the sea on a wooden ship, Casper took ill with typhoid fever.  Thinking he died, his frail and limp body was quickly sewn into a burlap sack, ready to be tossed overboard.  Somehow God gave him the strength to make a slight movement within which saved his life there and then.

So, Jim Harbaugh, if you’re out there we may be distant relatives.  No, it doesn’t really matter.  My family will forever be Michigan fans!  So glad we are to have you back where you belong!  And, next year, feel free to stop by our reunion.  The food is great!

“Go Blue!”